Ján Kuciak

jan was a journalist that was killed after he had been exploring possible connections between the Slovak prime minister and the Italian mafia. he and his fiancee was found dead in their apartment, both was shoot in the head.

this was an attempt to silence voices around this topic by scaring people from talking about it. but instead people joined together to get the story out across several platforms.

International day.

On the international day I went to 3 presentations. I did not have much of a plan on which of the presentations I was going to watch. The only one I knew I would have to go to was the one my classmate Ninel was going to present, both to support him and learn what he has been trough. He presented whit one other student, their presentation was about their home country Syria. In the presentation they talked about what caused the conflict and showed pictures of places that had been destroyed. The thing that kind of hits you when someone you know talks about their experiences in these types of situations it is not just something on the news. When you know the person you are giving the victims of conflict a face an that makes it a lot easier to sympathies whit them even though it is foreign to you

One girl whit courage is a revolution


Which girls stories made the greatest impression on you?

The story that made the most impact on me was the story about Yasmin. The reason this story was the one I felt had the greatest impression was because of the way the story was told. She tells what happens like it was fight between a superhero an supervillain. I think this had such an impact because this is the way a child would see the situation I am still unsure of what exactly happened to Yasmin and the man that she fought. I think that the way she told the story was a coping tactic to explain a traumatic experience and something she did not understand.


“One girl whit courage is a revolution” after watching the film what dose that phrase imply?

One girl whit courage is a revolution, I think it means that if one girl will stop following the path she is expected to follow other will to, an in that way inspire change. The way we change someone’s view on for example girls going to school and getting an education is by slowly making it the norm. And if one girl starts by going against the norm people will follow and people will show support, there is still people that will work against it but those types will slowly dwindle away.


Are you able to relate to their lives in a way that lets you empathize rather than sympathize?

I can sadly not empathize so much as sympathize when it comes to the girls situation. They live in such different stations that I can not relate to it is to foreign for me, as I live in a rich and developed country I cannot relate to the poverty they are affected by, As I am male I cannot relate to the discrimination that these girls experienced . But it is still easy for me to sympathize as the situations they are in would be horrible for anyone to endure



What are the messages from the film that you think will resonate most strongly whit people who are not already familiar whit this issue?

The message from the film that I think will resonate the most whit people that are not familiar whit these issues is that there is still a lot of girls around the world that still cannot decide for themselves or control their own life, and also the number of girls that does not get to go to school will also be one of the more shocking parts.

quality education and gender equality.

quality education

since the 2000 the world wide number of children out of school has droped by almost half. But progress in developing cuntrys has been difficult due to armed conflict poverty and other emergencies. the UN still has a long way to go when it comes to quality education.

gender equality

gender equality has improved over the years but, but ther is still a lot of cuntries that is laking in gender equality where women lack basic human rights. and i think that is wear our fokus should be.


the way i want to work whit tihs topic is by discussing the reason and cause of gender equality.


sustainabel development goals

I think the most important goals to work whit is, Number 2 zero hunger and number 6 clean water and sanitation. I think these are the most important to work whit because these are the ting that takes the most lives. The way I would like to work whit this is by discussing whit classmates and also by studding the statistics about the access to food and clean/drinkable water and how we could better ditribute them.